Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Moving Day

I love this freakin' town. I went to college here, and by the grace of God and my husband's hard work and fancy brain full of book smarts, we ended up getting to hang out here for a few years. I'm excited about moving, but packing has been sentimental. You know, "Mike was sitting over here when he got his job offer," and "remember when we put up our first adult sized Christmas tree by that window." And don't get me started on the baby memories: first sink bath, first tub bath, first food, first tossing sippy-cups off of her high-chair, etc., etc., ahhh.

Still, the process is cathartic and important. We need to move, we're moving to an awesome place with terrific family and friends, and it's been a great ride. I don't believe in "closure," but I do believe in wallowing in your thoughts for a little while as a way to help get through a busy, life-altering situation. So in honor of our big move today and tomorrow, and before we lose our Philadelphia internet forever, here are the top five things I won't miss about Philly, followed by the top five things I will miss:

WON'T miss

5. Nutty drivers
4. Our new wingnut U.S. Senator
3. Working from home every day
2. The terribly-maintained roads in my poor, neglected nabe
1. The Philadelphia Parking Authority

WILL miss

5. T-Mac and Sarge and watching the Phils on cable
3. St. Mary's Episcopal Church and the fellowship of its terrific parishioners
2. Clark Park, including the delightful Farmers Market
1. All the people I've met and grown close to in the past two years. (You know who you are.) I'll see them less often but I know I will correspond with them, travel to see them sometime soon, and think of them fondly every day.

Pharewell, Philly.


mike3550 said...

Amen, E.!

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