Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Culture Shock - The 'Burbs

Okay, we moved and are kind of settled. Humming along in some semblance of a routine. But hello, culture shock!

West Philly and the 'Burbs are two very different worlds.

It's funny because I grew up in the suburbs, so it's silly to call this culture shock. On the other hand, I've never lived here as an adult - always, always lived in big cities - so there are so many things I never noticed as a little kid going about my kid-business. Some differences are big important stuff, but most differences I've noticed so far comprise little stupid stuff, like what people wear.

West Philly
Economically and racially diverse
Walk around the corner=restaurants!
Lady commuters: heels, sandals
Teeny urban gardens - cukes, thyme
Walk everywhere, actually. Can I emphasize this more?
Apartment mailboxes with teeny mail keys
Leaning out the window, front porch


Um...Racially diverse
Walk nowhere to get waited on. Transit and car 4eva
Lady commuters: flops, sneaks (I reject this. Flats.)
Sprawling lawns & beautiful gardens with everything
Stoops, corners, parks Porches, median strips, parks
Backyard! Front Porch! Back Porch!

Oh I love you both, West Philly and the 'Burbs. Is there some way I can combine you two into the perfect neighborhood? Why must I choose?


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