Sunday, January 26, 2014

A New Year


Inspired by the very impressive Katie at Marriage Confessions, I'm making a month-by-month goal sheet of increasing my happiness by way of well being. I will try to implement the changes from January through March in the designated month and keep them the whole year.

January: Family
-Make Sundays exclusively for my family. Things like exercise, going to church and reading books are okay - I don't have to be glued to them - but no outside social obligations away from my family, and no work.

February: Food Health
-Limit sweets to 3 sweet desserts a week.  If craving sweets, eat fruit on other days.

March: Body Movement
-Go to the gym at least 3 times per week- 30 minutes of cardio minimum, yoga counts.

April: Household organization
-Set up upstairs bedroom and clean out closets/drawers, keep it all clean.
-Bear down on finding childcare for younger daughter.
-Sign up older daughter for summer camps, if applicable

May: Finances
-Set up automatic 529 payments for younger daughter
-Be sure I am maxing out Roth IRA

June: Preparation
-Reflect on the school year using a template, adjust future lessons accordingly. If not teaching same subjects, share with another teacher who is.

July: Living in the Present
-Focus on spending the month with my kids. Be present with them, do not get distracted by wanting to surf the web, email/facebook/twitter. Enjoy the time with them.

August: Memories
-Set up a filebox for the kids' art
-Schedule a family photoshoot

September: Fun
-Make both girls' Halloween costumes.

October: Time Management
-Plan birthday parties for both girls and send invitations.
-Make a list of loved ones to check in with about Christmas and order gifts.

November: Gratitude
-Volunteer one weekend day - make sandwiches for the homeless, work at the gift wrap station - anything.
-Plan charities to donate to.

December: Reflection
-Take stock of the year. How did all of these plans work out? If not, why not?