Friday, October 10, 2008

A Fire He Can't Put Out

I watched this video clip today with pure amazement. As a growing chorus of observers highlighting how low McCain rallies have sunk in terms of whipping up fear and angst about Obama. I would say critics, but even conservatives are decrying how awful this turn of events is. I mean, seriously, when George Will calls you out, you know you're in trouble.

The vitriol with which McCain/Palin supporters are expressing themselves at rallies is astounding. In a Georgia senate debate last night, one woman shouted "Bomb Obama". Not only is this not befitting of candidates who wish to hold high office, it flies in the face of democratic government and the peaceful transition of government. That McCain and Palin indicates to me how desperate and disorganized their campaign is—more than an intention on their part to incite violence—is evidenced by the fact that McCain was booed by his own supporters today when he tried to quash these sentiments.

I think that McCain is a halfway decent human being, a lousy politician, and absolutely unable to make a strategic decision on this campaign. He can't figure out which way is up and trying gambits from suspending his campaign to going on the attack. If nothing else, it shows that he is incapable of being an effective leader and it scares me to think that it is not inconceivable that he could be our president. Unlikely at this point, but not inconceivable.

But, believing that McCain is a halfway decent human being is also scary in another light. It's not difficult watching these videos to understand how political fervor can sweep over people and could lead to catastrophic results. Watching the fervor with which supporters are imbued to the point of hatred of their political opponent is downright scary. If McCain were another person and let these words turn to violent acts of aggression, combined with the insecurity and lack of control felt by people because of the economy, it's not difficult to see where this fervor could end up. Now, it must be said, that it was Senator McCain and Governor Palin who for five straight days whipped up this fervor and created the situation; but, imagining someone who is so power-hungry to incite and use it for an extended time makes me realize how someone like Hitler was able to gain power.

Now, having invoked Godwin's Law, it is off to bed for me.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


It's funny how things have a way of repeating themselves. One year ago this week, E. and I were celebrating our marriage in Italy. And just about a year ago, Time-Warner imposed an internet quota on me, as in didn't provide me any internet service.

A year later what is happening? Well, almost to the day, E. returned to Italy and today Time-Warner has given me the run-around about how sorry they are, but they can't make my internet work. This time around, though, I am not with E. (she went for work) and my post-doc applications are all online (kind of hard to fill out an application without an internet connection). It's funny how much this feels like a really, really bad rerun.