Saturday, July 28, 2007

Reject Relay!

Speaking of UNITE HERE campaigns , she is working with workers at the NY/NJ Port Authority airports (specifically, Newark and JFK) who have gotten so fed up with their company, HDS North American Retail (they operate the RELAY travel, Virgin Records and other stores) that they are asking people to boycott their own stores.

Lest someone argue that these types of corporate campaigns are all talk and no walk, well the workers did just that. On Thursday morning, to show how frustrated they were, the workers walked out on a one day strike. Although I know that we have had our trouble with one-day walkouts, this is such a cool way to demonstrate to the company (and the Port Authority who actually owns the space) how serious the workers are about organizing. While I know that I am biased because E. is working on the campaign, I think that this is the best way to combine the benefits of a "corporate comprehensive campaign" with the power of on-the-ground worker mobilization. If I can get any more information out of E. about it, I will pass it along.

But, until then, sign the petition and don't shop at Virgin Records in the airport (I know that is what everyone does when they travel).


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