Monday, July 18, 2011


It's embarrassing when your eight-and-a-half month old has more determination than you do. For years I have been trying to commit to finding a sense of balance, purpose, tranquility - you know, the first world problems that I mostly talk about on this blog. I'd like to eat better, to write more, to exercise more frequently, to spend more quality time with my family and watch less T.V. Yeah, goals, you know?

My daughter just freakin' does the darn thing. She sees, she wants, she gets.

Veni, vidi, vici, mom you dummy, she always seems to be saying to me, personally.

I'm sure she'll be teaching me many parenting lessons in the future. I just didn't expect the first one to be before she could even talk. I also didn't expect it to involve dog tags. Touché, my little sweet, touché.


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