Sunday, February 28, 2010

Olympics, We Hardly Knew Thee: A Listicle Hybrid

Another Winter Olympics has come and gone. It felt pretty eventful, eh? We rejoiced. We grieved. We marveled. We even managed some time to exercise a little pointless faux outrage.

I haven't paid attention to the Winter Olympics since KerriganHardinggate in Lillehammer. I remember middle-school-me completely buying into the tabloid coverage and salacious details of the violence. I couldn't get enough. What a perv.

I'm not sure why I decided to watch 16 years later. Maybe it's because the internet has made it so much easier to catch up. Maybe because this is the first Winter Olympics I haven't been in some sort of "school," and so my evenings are more my own than they ever were before (read: I have no life).

Reasons be damned; I spent a lot of time watching, I enjoyed, and I came away with some deep observations and thoughts:

  1. ) Chris Collingsworth looks like he could be Will Arnett's rich, beturtlenecked uncle.

  2. ) I am not even sad that the U.S. Women's Figure Skating team did not bring home a medal for the first time, what, ever? But I do think Rachel Flatt was a little screwed.

  3. ) Speaking of figure skating, I think everyone is missing golden opportunities to get funky. Four words: "Jaws" Theme, Shark Costume.

  4. ) Like caucasian white-collar feminists everywhere, I have fallen a little be in love Johnny Weir.

  5. ) I was super angry about Julia Mancuso's aborted run. Get it together, coordinators.

  6. ) Curling: still boring.

  7. ) Mary Carillo is adorable and I love her. The human interest piece with her throwing down pints with Canadian loggers won me over. She and Weir can fight for my affection.

  8. ) Gross generalization alert: Canadians are a classy bunch. When their men's hockey team beat the U.S. for the gold, they cheered stellar goalie Ryan Miller (USA!) and the American team.

What, if anything, did you take home - or, away from your couch and into the rest of your house/life from the Olympics?


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