Sunday, June 21, 2009

Brilliant (and Convenient)

That's right, for those who are on the go, BBQ Chicken restaurants offer the convenience of your chicken and your drink in one convenient container. It's brilliant!

What I can't figure out is if your nose ends up in the chicken when you try to take a drink, though.


Jay Livingston said...
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Jay Livingston said...

It reminds me of "Think of the Time I Save" from The Pajama Game. It spoofs the time-study expert who sings it, telling of all the ways he saves time in his own life, including this excerpt.

At breakfast time, I grab a bowl.
And in the bowl I drop an egg,
And add some juice.
A poor excuse for what I crave.
And then I add some oatmeal too,
And it comes out tasting just like glue,
But think of the time I save.

There are no good versions on YouTube, just badly recorded takes from amateur productions, not the B'way revival of a couple of years ago.

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