Friday, April 17, 2009

I Have a Date

No, not that kind of date...I think that E. might (deservedly) shoot me if I had that kind of date. Nope, I have a date for my dissertation defense: May 28th. This means that I need to have my dissertation completed in the next three weeks. Seeing as how dissertation is not close to being done right now, this means further that the next three weeks are likely to be both stressful and busy. In conclusion, blog posts will be on even shorter supply from yours truly.


Anonymous said...

Yay! Good luck!

Pitse1eh said...

Woot!!!!! Soon to be Docta.

Mike3550 said...

Thanks Anomie and Pitse1eh! Let's hope I'm soon to be Docta =) BTW, Pitse!eh, I loved your pie chart!

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