Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Obama wins with 311 Electoral Votes - I think he'll pick up Ohio and Virgina and come up just short in North Carolina and Florida and well short in Indiana. But, in the surprise, I think that he will pick up Nevada in a close race.

Dems have 59 Senate seats at the end of the night including a Franken win in Minnesota.

In the end, I predict very gracious speeches by both McCain and Obama.

Update: I hope that I am wrong and that Obama wins by more, but this is my pragmatic prediction.


wobblie said...

Should've gone with the "idealist" side of things, eh? I bet Brooklyn was hopping last night!

E. said...

Better to be thrilled than disappointed.

Mike3550 said...

Wobs - you're totally right. Although E. sobered me quite a bit a couple of weeks ago when she reminded me that I thought that Kerry was going to win in 2004.

Also, as much as I believed in it, I still managed to underestimate Obama's incredible ground campaign.

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