Thursday, August 14, 2008

Five Years

Seeing the front page on one of the New York free dailies handed out at subway stations today reminded me that it was five years to the day that I showed up to grad school. How do I know? I showed up to grad school the day that the lights went out from the Great Lakes all the way to the East Coast. I tried to make sure that I didn't take it as a sign from somewhere that I shouldn't start grad school. Instead, I unpacked my car, slept in the dark for a night woke up the next morning to drive to Maryland and visited E. Who knew four and a half years later we would be married and I would be within a year of finishing grad school (hopefully)? I guess life has a way of working out really well.


E. said...

A traditional five-year anniversary gift is wood. May I recommend buying a cuckoo clock, so as every marvelous hour passes that brings you closer to relative academic freedom, you are notified with a strong Teutonic theme.

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