Thursday, July 31, 2008

One Down, How Many More to Go?

I've been absent the last couple of weeks because I was finishing the albatross that has been around my neck for over six months. I finally sent out my first sole-authored paper for review. Now, I just need to get me a reviewer voodoo doll!

I am getting ready to head to ASA. I'm sad that I missed the Scatterplot party and will get in too late for the Anomie's grad student brunch, but hopefully I will find others through the new ASA tweet network.


tina said...

I'm sorry you missed the party. I chatted with a guy named Mike there, and I asked him if he was Mike3550. He didn't quite know how to answer.

Mike3550 said...

Tina - I'm sorry that I missed the party, too! Next year, I'm definitely there and I will know how to answer. I hope that ASA went well for you, and congratulations on your book!

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