Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Great TV

I am watching MSNBC's coverage of today's returns and watched Rachel Maddow talk down Pat Buchanan.

Unequivocally, it has to be the best moment of television since this campaign began fourtwo years ago.

UPDATE: I just heard the MSNBC analyst (I can't remember what her name was) say that McCain's campaign is going to use President Bush judiciously in the upcoming campaign. Why? Because no attack has happened since 2001. Let's see if I can remember my history. 1814 - British burn down Washington, but are eventually expelled later that year; 1941 - Pearl Harbor. That means that, at best, we had 60 years between attacks and a full 187 years since the mainland was attacked. We are happy that he had a full seven years (not to mention, he gave the terrorists a target in Iraq)?

UPDATE 2:Alright, Tim Russert is officially the dumbest person on television. He even beats Wolf Blitzer. He just said, "Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are going to go mano a man..., or whatever it is when a man fights a woman, mano a womano. Jeebus. I nominate him for a profile in douchebaggery.


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