Friday, September 28, 2007

I Can't Catch a Break!

I cannot believe this - I must have done something very bad to the internet gods out there. After clearing out my inbox a couple of days ago (I went from 3300+ to 190 messages - not a small feat in five hours), I wanted to transfer all of my files to be read through my GMail account so I didn't have to use Outlook or check two separate webmail applications.

Well, in the process of doing that, I now went from 190 files to 36. Yup, that's right! Somewhere between my university account and my GMail account 154 of my e-mails are gone. And, of course, because I deleted the other 2000+ messages, I know that these were the most important e-mails.

Of course, now I am kicking myself for not checking the "Keep Messages on Server" box, which the gentleman at the university help desk kindly told me that I should have done (thanks, a little late for that suggestion) or backing up those messages in any format. There were several important messages that I had regarding getting paid, collaboration with other people and such that I lost in the process. My only hope is that somewhere the messages are on the GMail servers, but haven't shown up in my account yet.

Here's to hoping (and praying to the internet gods)!


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