Thursday, August 16, 2007

Teh Internets

I am having all kinds of problems with my internet connection today. I called Time Warner and, after getting caught in automated menu hell ("If you would like service, please say 'service'" ["Service"] "Thank you. You chose service. Would you like to find out information about your service" ["YES!!!"] "Okay, then. Are you having a problem with your cable. If so, say 'cable'. If you are having a problem with your internet connection, say 'internet connection'. ["Internet Connection"] "Good. Now, would you like service, if so say 'service.'" - You get the idea].

But, I never realized how much I relied on the internet connection. Part of it is that many of my files are on the internet. This is obviously a problem and something that I got myself into by placing them on the internet. Given my need to be mobile, and often using several different computers, it is still - even with temporary service discontinuities - the best bet. But, what is even more frustrating is that I don't feel like I can do anything until I figure out how to get back onto the internet reliably. It is like realizing that you don't have your keys before leaving the house. You could take the spare set, but you really don't want to leave until you find your set of keys because, well, you want to know where they are. Of course, then you are probably late and/or frazzled by the time you get to wherever it was that you were going when you realized that you lost your keys.

Anyway, that is going to be my excuse for getting nothing done today... Maybe it will start working soon and I can actually get something done before the end of the day.


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