Friday, June 29, 2007

I Promised Myself...

I promised myself that I would not give into the temptation of the damned (and I mean literally, hellfire and damnation style damned) 'osphere today because I really need to run some analysis and write a paper today. I am presenting it at a research group meeting next week and, therefore, would like to have something that shows a modicum of improvement over the previous draft.

However, speaking of drafts, I as over at Polyglot Conspiracy this morning checking out squires' post about (among other things), danah boyd's online essay about the class differences between MySpace and Facebook and how this might map onto a larger understanding of class in America. While I really want to write my thoughts on the essay, I really can't right now. But, the essay and squires' comments on the essay are well worth the read


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