Friday, May 11, 2007

Live from New York!

It is official. I am not a resident in the fine borough of Brooklyn; land of the Dodgers, hipsters, corner delis and overpriced housing. Having only lived here for a total of five days thus far, with the packed boxes possibly still more numerous than the unpacked ones, I have to say, I &hearts BK. I am sure that there will be plenty more posts about the BK and NYC in general, but I wanted to share some lessons I learned from moving here:

  • Budget trucks are sometimes not considered trucks (they are allowed to use the car speedlimit in OH, PA, and NJ) and sometimes consider trucks (see Holland Tunnel).

  • I have confirmed my severe dislike for NJ - and this is based on experiences OFF the Turnpike, thank you very much (although the Turnpike also sucks)

  • Nothing makes you feel like a packrat more than moving to a one-bedroom apartment in NYC.

  • Despite what people from NYC want you to believe, NOTHING runs more efficiently here -- it is all a big lie

  • I am very luck to be marrying E. (alright, I already knew that &mdash moving here just confirmed it)

  • Cleo likes long rides in trucks even less than she does in the car. I think that she might possibly like it even less than getting her fingernails clipped, which may be the doggie-version of the inner-most ring of Hell

  • I have the best friends in the world! No, seriously, I do.

My internet access is still sporadic, but I wanted to reconnect - even if temporarily - to my comrades in the 'osphere.


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