Thursday, December 21, 2006

Change of Heart?

When Jim Webb was running, my pragmatic thought was: "Anybody is better than George Allen, I hope he wins." The idealist in me thought: "Anybody is better than George Allen, I can't believe he's the one that Dems picked."

I have to say that I think that my opinion has changed. Although I am sure that I do not agree with everything, there have been two things that have really solidified his stature in my eyes.

  1. His OpEd in the Wall Street Journal discussing the growing disparities of rich and poor in this country and how bad that is for the United States. It is one of the most thoughtful pieces of political commentary written by a politician in a long time.

  2. His ongoing fued with the President who refused to acknowledge that the Senator-elect's son was in Iraq and how that might be important to the Senator-elect. Then, speaking about the President, he was quoted in the Daily Press saying "I think that he's a failed president." (I originally found this article on Vivian J. Paige's blog)

Maybe the idealist side of me was a little quick to jump the gun...


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